Don’t Strangle Your Ideas

If you are reading this, I would venture to guess that you have had at least one brilliant business idea in your lifetime. Perhaps you have had dozens, or even hundreds. Great business ideas seem to hover out there and drop into our heads at the oddest moments.
Perhaps you are right now trying to take [...]

Rohrbach Uses Social Media to Help Realize Dream

By Matt Flumerfelt
VALDOSTA — Neal Rohrbach was a featured speaker recently at the 140 Characters Conference in Hollywood, Calif.
He lives in Valdosta and works in Ray City at the Outdoor Channel satellite station.
He is a co-founder, along with Bradford Shimp, of iDea Anglers, an online resource for people with business ideas who need a little, [...]

Seeing Marketing as Long-Term Investment

When top line revenue declines (like during a recession), spending cuts often look like a great option for lifting your bottom line. You know what I’m talking about—layoffs and budget reductions.
While I think it’s financially wise to look at how we spend each of our business dollars, and while I concede that some budgets can [...]

5 Steps to Creating Inspiring Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials can be a powerful selling tool for your business. But often, testimonials seem canned, stilted and too self-serving.
So what are the qualities that make a testimonial inspiring rather than insipid?
An inspiring testimonial tells a story, much like a feature article does.The story focuses on the customer and how they have benefited through the [...]

The Tater Salad To-Do List

I’ve noticed, especially recently, that my to-do list is a lot like a big bowl of tater salad. No matter how much you dish out and consume, it hardly puts a dent in the bowl. You go to put the lid back on the container and it’s hard to believe there’s not more in there [...]

Lowering the Barriers to Entry in Mobile App Development

The creative firm I work with out in Utah, Purple Raincloud, is really stoked on the potential for  growth in the mobile application market.  Scratch that –reality of growth.  Clients want them, and we want to build our own.  We have good relationships with some talented local iPhone developers, but my own experience is with web [...]

6 Tips for Better Tweets

I am no Twitter veteran but I have been writing copy for marketing-related initiatives for nearly 25 years. So once I joined Twitter, it didn’t take me long to realize that many companies using Twitter as a marketing vehicle are making some key mistakes when they tweet.
Here are six tips for creating tweets that will [...]

When is an Idea Worth Turning in to a Business?

Ideas are funny things. They are free to have, but take a whole lot of work to turn into reality. You may have a ton of interesting ideas for businesses. However, you will only be able to turn a handful, at best, into businesses by yourself.
Knowing that it takes a lot of hard work, and [...]

Before You Start a Business

Starting a business is an exciting thing. But before you get started, there are some things you need to figure out.
1. Are you going to work full, part, or some of the time?
How much time are you going to be able to give to your business? This is determined most often by whether you have [...]

Choosing a Bank

Although banking can seem like a commodity service these days, choosing a bank is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as you build your business. There are some important differences in how banks handle their business customers – particularly their small business customers. The better you get to know your banker, and more [...]