Don’t Strangle Your Ideas

zomg he's killing Chin!If you are reading this, I would venture to guess that you have had at least one brilliant business idea in your lifetime. Perhaps you have had dozens, or even hundreds. Great business ideas seem to hover out there and drop into our heads at the oddest moments.

Perhaps you are right now trying to take action on your idea. Maybe you have taken the first steps and formed a business. Or, like some many, its possible that you are still just dreaming of taking your idea into prime time.

I hope you are one of those that can turn your idea into a reality. But I have a piece of advice for you. Don’t try to do it alone. Not only is it lonely, you can get far more accomplished if you learn how to collaborate. Reach out to other people with your idea and see what happens.

Why do people sit on great ideas for years and do nothing with them? I can think of two reasons. First, they don’t know how to turn a great idea into a good business. Second, they are afraid that if they start talking about their idea that it will get stolen from them.

A little more on ideas being stolen. It does happen. There are two ways in which this takes place. One is that some callous jerk takes your idea and runs with it and doesn’t cut you in on the profit. This is probably the less likely of the two scenarios. The other thing that happens way more often is that you start talking about your business idea to friends and family. Not knowing anything about ideas and business, they are likely to tell you that you are crazy, to laugh at you, or to otherwise discourage you. It just happens. So your great idea gets stolen because you stop believing in it, and in yourself.

The funny thing is, if you find the right people to collaborate with, your idea will be protected and your dream will have a far better chance of being realized. Business people on every level need to collaborate. Nothing amazing was ever built and maintained by one person. You need a team around you. This may be employees, but if you are just starting out, you should look for collaboration partners.

The people you collaborate with may be partners in your business. Or maybe they are a loose group of individuals who can help you out with different parts to your plan. No matter what, you need to seek out the advice and expertise of others.

The other option is to do nothing. You can let your idea die on the vine. You can strangle it with fear before it ever has the chance to succeed. I personally want my ideas to get a fair chance. I know I can’t possibly do that on my own. So I am always on the look out for people who can help. Is it time you start looking for help on your great business idea?

Creative Commons License photo credit: goosmurf

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