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What Plastic Surgery Is All About

March 28, 2012

Cosmetic plastic surgery is often thought of as a purely aesthetic procedure, although this is not true at all. The term ‘plastic’ was not taken from the name of the material, but it actually was adapted from the Greek term ‘plastikos’, which means ‘to form’. It concerns a procedure that can correct not only an individual’s features, but also the way they work.

Plastic surgery can be ‘reconstructive’, which is meant to improve on any imperfections in the body caused by accidents or anything like it. Cosmetic surgery however, is meant to improve on parts of the body that an individual is not satisfied with. In other words, reconstructive surgery concentrates on functional development, while cosmetic surgery focuses on the physical aspect. Examples of reconstructive surgery are processes done for burn victims, while usual processes performed on the cosmetic aspect are liposuction, where fats are taken out to enhance the features of the abdominal area, and breast augmentation, where implants are put in to enlarge the size of the breasts.

Plastic surgery is a procedure that people of all ages experience, for different reasons. The greatest contrast however, is between the reasons why teens and adults go through plastic surgery. Teens who go through plastic surgery do so because they want to be accepted, and they want to fit in with everybody else. We are all aware how big peer pressure is during this age, and plastic surgery can actually make a child or a teenager feel acknowledged. Adults however, go through plastic surgery not because they would like to fit in with the crowd, but because they would like to be noticed.

The single thing that is the same across all of them though, is the hidden notion of self-esteem that plastic surgery apparently gives. This can be a bad thing too though, because it further encourages the society to give more importance to physical characteristics over personality and knowledge. This has been debated upon over time, which is why plastic surgery, especially the cosmetic type, has been under the close examination of a lot of people as other kinds of processes are developed. But despite what people’s beliefs are, it still continues to be a fact that plastic surgery has a lot of great benefits as well.

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